5 Staging Mistakes That May Hurt Your Home Value

One of the best ways to get your home sold FAST is to stage it. Take the time to declutter and depersonalize your home so buyers have an easier time envisioning their family in your house.

But, there is a right way to stage a home, and then there is a wrong way. 

Here are a few things to avoid when getting your home “showing ready:”

1. Too much furniture

Furniture that is far too big for a space or backed up against a wall instantly makes a room feel smaller. Ditch the large furniture and go for some more practical pieces for a space to make your home seem more spacious. 

2. Cluttered shelves

Decluttering shelves ties into the depersonalization of your home. Tuck away the family photos and kids’ trophies for the showings. This will help buyers focus on the beautiful features of your home rather than becoming distracted by family photos.

3. Dark paint

You may love a burnt orange living room or a navy blue master bedroom, but those are far from neutral. Dark colors feel cramped and uninviting, while bright neutrals make rooms feel large and clean.

4. Smells

We usually miss the lingering smells in our homes, whether that is pet odors or typical kitchen smells. One of the easiest ways to deter a buyer is to neglect the smells in your home. Try adding scent plug-ins into the rooms or lighting candles close to the time of showings. 

5. Misplaced furniture

A great way to help buyers picture themselves in your home is to make it feel like a clean and organized home. You may have rooms that have multiple uses like kids' toys scattered about your living room or a desk in your bedroom, but it is not attractive to buyers. If possible, organize your home with designated areas for different activities, such as an office, playroom, media room, etc. 


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