5 Tips for Home Buyers

Get with a Mortgage Broker

This will be the starting point of your home search. You need to know what you are qualified for, any fees, and the money that you’ll need to complete the purchase. Most realtors will not show you homes until you have a pre-approval letter in hand from a lender. 

Be Ready to Move

There are a ton of schedules you are trying to get aligned for one day and one closing. To make this more simple just be ready. Have as much as you can be packed up and ready to go so that it is a swift process.

Look at the Maintenance Needed on the Home

If you’re looking at older homes make sure you really look at what is going to be needed to improve the home. You don't want these costs to come as a shock after you have purchased the home. Be realistic when looking at homes. Your realtor should be able to point out things that need improving as well.

Make a Good Offer

This leads to the 5th tip. You may not know what a good offer entails but a good realtor should be able to guide you through this process. It is the main reason you are hiring someone to help you buy a home.

Hire a Good Realtor

We recommend interviewing at least 3 realtors to see who you connect with so that you can get a good idea of who is going to work for you. You want someone who is experienced and has the ability to guide you through the process making it simple on your end. Your realtor choice can make or break your experience.


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