8 Packing Tips That Will Help You Move Like a Pro

Take Pictures

Before taking apart a piece of furniture or taking down a gallery wall, take a picture. That way you have a perfect visual reference for when you start to piece it together in your new home. 

Keep Similar Items Together

Whether it is a box designated for the junk drawer in your kitchen or a suitcase 

of winter coats, be sure to pack similar items together. This allows for a 

much more organized moving process, and you will be able to unpack your home a lot faster. 

Have a designated box for essentials for your first night

After a long day(s) of moving, the last thing you will want to do is dig through 

boxes to find your toothbrush. Be sure to pack a box that will hold all of your essentials for your first night to avoid any bedtime chaos.  

Make a “packing basket”

Create a basket full of necessities that you will need on hand when packing a room. 

Ex. Tape, scissors, sharpie, label maker, etc. 

This will speed up your packing process and allow you to move from room to room with ease since the essentials will be right there with you. 


This is probably one of the most important tips. Nothing will make you 

more passionate about donating unwanted/unused items than moving. Take this time to get rid of things you never touch in your home. 

Leave the small boxes for the heavy items

Rather than filling a large box with various heavy items making it impossible to carry, spread the heavy items out or save them for the smaller boxes. 


On move-in day, you may have a lot of helpers on the job and people may be lost about where to place things. To ensure a seamless move-in process, label every side of a box on exactly what room it is going to and what is inside. 

Put hardware in bags

When you are taking apart pieces of furniture that have various screws and other small pieces,  be sure to collect the items in a small bag and tape them to a part of the piece of furniture. This makes rebuilding and unpacking far easier. 


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