How to Have a Butterfly Garden in Your Backyard!

The last two years have had people picking up new hobbies, crafting from home, and getting outdoors more. Gardening has become popular because it can be a relaxing activity and it is rewarding to see plants thrive in your backyard.

One way to elevate your garden is to grow a butterfly garden. What is more calming than sitting on your back porch watching these enchanting creatures bask in the sun?

The first step in creating a butterfly garden is to select an ideal site.

This area needs to be well lit for adequate flower growth but also protected from the wind. It can be covered using trees or thick shrubs, and additional protection is to use dense conifers like juniper or spruce. 

Butterflies are cold-blooded insects, so be sure to provide them with various sunbathing areas, whether that be on rocks or perches like a fence post. 

Next, the plants.

It is hard to find a flower that a butterfly would reject but it is important to keep certain necessities in mind.

When planning your garden, be sure to include plants with varying heights. This will attract more butterflies thus creating a more enchanting garden. Some of these flowers even attract hummingbirds and bees as well!



The traditional flowers in butterfly gardens. 






Nectar-Rich Flowers

These flowers need to be planted in groups and allow butterflies to have a steady nectar supply.






Don’t forget…!

When creating a butterfly garden it is crucial to remember that pesticides are extremely harmful to butterflies. Be sure to avoid all pest controls (even organic ones) so you do not cause any harm to the butterflies.

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