Investing In The Home Office

Nowadays, more and more people are ditching the commute to work and instead just walking down the hall to their home office. When covid cases were on the rise, businesses were scrambling to find new ways to keep their employees safe while still being able to work. Work-from-home is becoming more and more popular in various fields, but there are a few general necessities that all WFH individuals should have. 

Functional desk:

Investing in a quality, a functional desk is one of the most important things needed in your home office. 

If you are working from home full time an adjustable, stand-up desk is a good option to keep your body in motion and allows for better posture. 

Extra monitor:

To make for a more efficient workday, adding an extra monitor to your workspace allows you to stay organized and switch between multiple programs with ease. Fewer clicks and a larger view gives you a faster workflow. 

Natural lighting:

Having natural light in your workspace does not necessarily directly impact your workflow, but it will immensely help your sleep pattern and circadian rhythm. Natural light helps your body produce Vitamin D which in turn positively impacts your productivity by benefiting your physical and psychological health. 

Productivity apps/timer:

If you are an Apple iPhone user, there is a built-in feature on your device that allows you to set time limits on certain apps on your phone. By setting these time limits you can be alerted when you have been away from your workspace for too long. 

Go to Settings -> Screen Time -> App Limits -> Add Limit 

-> Choose your category -> Select the maximum amount of time you want to spend on the app per day. 

Now, if you are an Android user, other apps can offer the same things. The app RealizD allows you to track your phone usage and set daily time limits. 

Essential oil diffuser/candles:

There are a few scents and essential oils that greatly benefit your productivity and workflow. Placing an essential oil diffuser in your office can increase mental alertness and focus. 

  • Citrus oils (lemon, orange)
  • Herbaceous oils (basil, rosemary, lavender)
  • Root/resin oils (frankincense, vetiver)

(If your home has pets, avoid using the oils found here as they are toxic to animals)

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