Moving with Dogs

Moving is already a stressful process for anyone, but adding a four-legged family member to the mix can add extra worries. 

Here are a few tips for moving with Fido:

Prepare for the trip

Whether you are road tripping or even if your dog has to fly on a plane, the most important thing you can do is prioritize their comfort and safety.

If you are traveling by car, invest in a car-harness or crate that is verified travel safe. 

If your road trip is too great a distance to make in one day, find pet-friendly hotels or Airbnbs to stay for the night. 

Depending on the size of your dog and other factors, you may be able to bring your dog on the plane with you. In that case, it is best to check with your airline to make sure you are packing all of the necessities and following the guidelines for your flight. 

Lastly, when preparing for your trip, it is important to update your dog’s microchip information with your new address in case of an emergency.  


Packing can be exhausting, but it is important to give your dog exercise and enrichment when possible. Get out of the house, take a break, walk your dog around town or go for a short hike. If the weather is not permitting or you are far too tired for any exercise, do some at-home enrichment with training and their favorite toys. 

You’ve made it to your new home, now what?

The trip is over, and the moving van is unloaded. But, Fido is uncomfortable in his new environment. 

The easiest way to make your dog feel at home is to set up a designated area for them. Pull out a bed and blanket and lay it near a common area in your home (kitchen, living room, etc.). Fill the spot with familiar smells by adding some toys, food bowls, rugs, etc. This will give your dog a place to withdraw from the stress and relax in a sense of familiarity. 


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